Visitors are Great

Since Sunday night, we have had extra people in the house. Fortunately, they are the kind of extra family that are handy to have around. Levi’s brother and sister are both here, along with Lolly’s kiddos. Lolly spent most of the year in Oregon with her parents, while her husband was deployed in Iraq, and is just staying here for a good visit before heading home to greet her hubby, who is on his way home (to Texas).

Levi’s brother is traveling with Lolly to help with the kids on the road trip, and to stay with her until her husband gets home. He and Levi have tackled a few projects around the house, including adding a much-needed step to our back patio. I have photographic evidence.

Bubbers put in some time helping as well.

Tonight, I realized I hadn’t really taken any pictures of the visit thus far, so made sure to grab the camera when Lolly read to the kids before bed. Completely by accident, all seven children ended up in the shot. How awesomely handy.

All these kids seemed to just pick up right where they left off last fall during Lolly’s trip to Oregon just after her hubby left. Turbo and Lightning buddied up right away, and have spent all their time playing together, wrestling mostly. Sunshine and Princess are still just in love with each other, and spend much of their time reading books together and playing with dolls. Cuteness can fit in with either the boys or the girls, and has a blast wherever she is. Chubbers is having a hard time, since he’s at the age where the whole “stranger” thing just is not his style. I can tell he knows us still, but Mommy is his favorite, and no one else is good enough. Though, he really is starting to warm up to Auntie Tiff again. We had a rousing game of cheek-squishing tonight, and I elicited giggles. Absolutely precious little man.

Tonight, we have the potential to be snowed in. And I have just found several pictures in my camera I forgot were there. Hopefully, that will get me boosted back into a habit of actually writing things for those of you who hang on so desperately for each word I type. 🙂

For now, good night!


2 thoughts on “Visitors are Great

  1. Good photo of Lolly & the kids. Great to see Levi & Lem doing things together, a step in the right direction! Tell Lightning that Fanny misses him, comes up on the porch and waits for someone to come out and hold her..

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