Better Late Than Never

On February 27th, this little Sunshine turned four.


And I am incredibly late getting this post up.


Sunshine has been asking for Hello Kitty paraphernalia for months now, a clear departure from the princess and fairy themes dominating the household lately. For the first time, my Sunshine stepped out from under the shadow of her big sister, who exerts great influence over her.

It has been so fun watching her bloom a little here, a little there, and seeing her find delight in things at her own pace.

On we go…all she wanted was a Hello Kitty cake. Here it is. One of THE easiest cakes I have ever made.

I printed off several different coloring pages, and let all the kids color their own. My sister laminated each one, so they all had their own “place mats” to take home.

The kids then played a round of “Pin the Bow on Hello Kitty,” which was heartily enjoyed.

Of course, I totally forgot to take a picture when my Sunshine was playing, but that’s okay.

Of course, the highlight was bringing in the cake and singing “Happy Birthday.” Note the look on her face. Priceless.

Make a wish!

The kids all enjoyed the punch, topped with sherbet.

Of course, it was absolutely necessary to invite Sunshine’s best friend, little I. These two are so precious together!

Don’t believe me? Take a look at this one.

I told you so.

It all made for a very happy birthday for my little girlie.

And for all of you who sent or brought her a gift – she was delighted with each and every one.