Sunshine’s Day


Yet another one of my kids got a year older, lost a little more baby fat, and is continuously surprising me with their grown-up-ishness. It’s my Sunshine. My little red-head turned four today, and we celebrated with birthday pancakes and gifts from Mommy & Daddy and siblings. We’re going to save the rest for her “big” party next Sunday.

Birthday pancakes!

At first, when she came into the kitchen, all she saw was the big plate of pancakes, and I had to draw her attention to the end of the table, where her stack sat next to her gifts. Her first words when she saw them: “I love you, Mommy!” 😀

Make a wish!

Sunshine wanted a Hello Kitty party, so that is what we’re doing. Have you ever stood in an aisle full of the adorableness that is Hello Kitty? It is intimidating. It cost me much mental torment to choose just what I thought she would love best.

It's like a Hello Kitty polly pocket.

Hello Kitty as a little lamb.

It really is ridiculous how cute this stuff is.

To top it off, a coloring book.

And even more ridiculous how cute my Sunshine is, and how easily pleased she is. I am so blessed. The day she was born is truly one of THE happiest days of my life. I don’t think it’s fair to the rest of the world that I am as blessed as I am.


3 thoughts on “Sunshine’s Day

  1. In Asia they sell HK motorcycles, tampons…and everything else you could possibly imagine! Also, there is a popular copycat (no pun intended) brand called “Hi Cat!” If I go back I will send the girls some Hi Cat! stuff lol.

  2. I love how your sweet family celebrates eachother! What a very beautiful mother you are and God has richly blessed your devotion to HIM. I am blessed at how you are a sweet example to other young mommies!

    Thanks for the glimpse,


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