Top Ten Tuesday: Huh?

The Top Ten Things That Don’t Make Sense to Me.

10… How a toddler can go from “Cutest-Kid-in-the-Universe” to “Spawn-of-Satan” and back again in 2.3 seconds flat.

9… Twitter.

8… Homeschooling. Yes, I do it, but that doesn’t mean I understand how and why it works so dang well.

7… Computers.

6… The price of eggs in China.

5… Greed.

4… Paying full-price for pretty much anything.

3… Current fashion trends.


2… Child abuse, in any form.

1… God’s love for me.

Thanks ever so much to Jenni for hosting yet another fabulous Top Ten Tuesday. Click on the squiddy banner to see her Top Ten post, and to check out a few others. She really likes visitors :-).


4 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Huh?

  1. I forgot all about Twitter, LOL…SO there with you on that one! Having lived through the 80’s fashions, I can understand the fashion trends a little, but your “really?” made me giggle anyway!

    Thanks for playing again!


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