Top Ten Tuesday: Nostalgia Edition

Lately, life has been so full of dreary, drizzly emotions, that I have had a hard time recognizing joy when its light breaks through the clouds across my path. Little dapples of sunlit smiles, bright beams of full-bellied laughter, and the sudden brightness of happy news have all given welcome breaks from the constant barrage of bad weather.

I am tempted to tell you about all the things I’m bummed out about, grieving over, and why I’ve been just plain grumpy lately, but what would that serve to do? Not much, I imagine.

So, today’s Top 10 comes at a perfect place in my life. Today, I’m going to tell you about

The Top Ten Days I Would Revisit If I Had a Space/Time-Bending Wheel Thingy Like On LOST.

That would be so full of awesome, I’m happier just pretending it’s true!

Without further ado, and in no particular order:

10) My senior prom. I didn’t expect it to be so thoroughly good, but thanks to an amazing group of friends to go with, it rocked.

9) The night Sarah & I got crazy amounts of applause for our “Women only do that when they have called each other a lot of other things first” scene in The Importance of Being Earnest my senior year.

I am glad to say, I have never SEEN a SPADE.

8 ) The six nights I was Maria in The Sound of Music, during my senior year.

The dance part.

7) My first day of sixth grade, when I met my very bestest friend, Tiffany.

We is awesomes.

6) The very first movie all-nighter with “The Group,” during my first year at UCC. I think we watched ten or more movies that night, and I made french toast for whoever was left the next morning. That is also when I became fairly certain that a certain hot guy kinda liked me or something.

5) Any of the nights spent at Denny’s after Common Ground.

4) Christmas Day, 1994, when my Daddy gave me my purity ring. I had asked him for one, but it wasn’t until six months later I was surprised with it…I will never forget that day. The day the standard for the man I was to marry was set stratospherically high.

3) The day I hiked Mt. Thielsen with my dad. It was a present for my sixteenth birthday, and it’s a day I can remember like yesterday.

At the summit with Dad.

Mt. Thielsen

2) The weekend spent with my mom and her best friend, Kristi. They drove me up to Washington so I could visit a college up there. It was probably one of THE funnest times I have ever had with my mom.

Windy day couldn't quell our enthusiasm.

1) Any day at the Oregon Coast, ever. And the day I went sky-diving. Yes, I know that’s two, but I can’t pick, dangit! Let me have my moment. Sheesh.

Thanks so much to Jenni at One Thing for hosting! And…sorry I was late this week!

NOTE: I am very much stealing Jenni’s disclaimer-like statement that my wedding day, engagement day, the births of my children, and other such-like days are givens, and to list them would have to be chalked up to Captain Obvious. So don’t yell at me.


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  1. Beautiful.

    I was in lots of high school plays and local theater productions, and thought about including the time our play won the Oklahoma regional blah blah blah…but I ran out of numbers.

    Are we not blessed to have run out of space? yes…yes, we are!

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