Super Bowl Weekend.

It was kinda boring this year, though there were a few good ads.

Anyway, since we are weird and do not have cable/dish, we use bunny ears to help our digital converter box out a little.

CBS has never come in very well, if at all, so we weren’t really expecting much when we performed another channel scan, just in case. Lo and behold! It came in, but the reception was precarious at best, and the only thing that would let it consistently maintain a clear signal was this:

My hottie, the antenna.

We could only get reception if Levi was touching the UHF ring, and his weight was shifted to his left. Of course, there was no way he was going to stand there for the whole game.


This was my suggestion:

Yeeaaaahhh Buddy!

Yes. That really is tin foil on the antenna.

And yes, it worked beautifully, so we are leaving it there.


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