Happy Thoughts

This was taken after I had to, yet again, cut Sunshine’s hair. This time, she attempted to completely obliterate her bangs. She nearly succeeded. Oh well, more of that pretty forehead to love!

Sunshine's sense of style is unique.

For days now, my Cuteness has been positively begging me to let her wash the dishes. (Weirdo.) I hand wash all my pans, so there is plenty of opportunity. I have just been chicken to try. Cuteness is emptying the dishwasher on her own now, so I figured it might be time to take things up a notch. So, yesterday, I put fear aside and let the girls help.

Very little soapy water was harmed in this photograph.

Who knew the excitement involved in DRYING DISHES!!!

Of course, Turbo could not be left out. So, I let him sweep. I had to help him a little, but overall, I’m determined that he will learn, and the kitchen will soon be cleaned by my adorable slave labor force, and I will just get to supervise! Mwahahahahahahaaaaaaa!!!

The kitchen floor is now mostly clean.

Okay. I have had a bad week. Due to confounded female hormones. And children who have decided to try to shred the last vestiges of my humanity this week. Yes, I blame my children for all my problems. Don’t we all? 😀

However, these were the glimpses providing smiles and reasons to choose joy. Not to mention the plethora of videos I had to upload last night, due to my neglect. I had forgotten about videos I had stored to “watch later.” They are all now posted on my channel at YouTube. To give you a small taste, here’s Turbo playing the original Super Mario Brothers. Enjoy the spaz that is my son!

Because we all know that jerking the controller and kicking help Mario jump higher and run faster!!!


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  1. Of course it does. 🙂 I am just so glad the Wii remote has no cords or else our system would have died long ago. hehehe

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