Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Things I’d Want to Be If I Weren’t Human

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Okay. So.

Ten Things I’d Want to Be If I Weren’t Human

10: A cat, because, let’s face it, cats seem to be the only creatures who can have weird habits and still look cute.

9: A tiger, because it is a Very Large Cat, and can kick anyone’s (you know) when they are crossed.

8: A flat, palm-sized rock on a beach, because one day, a boy would come along and skip me into whatever ocean I was lying next to, and I could spend the rest of my days out of the weather, and watching ocean life. Or getting buried in the sandy bottom. Dang. Maybe not a rock.

7: An angel, because those guys have never known sin, and get to hang out with Jesus before I do.

**WARNING** Geek alert – I couldn’t help myself.

6: A Pegasus in Narnia, because flying horses have all the fun, and you know it.

5: A hobbit, because they love living simple lives. Green grass, gardens full of food and flowers, a good mug of ale, and a table full of laughing friends are all they need to be utterly content with life. And most of the girls are named after flowers. The only disadvantage I can see is their lack of love for adventure, so I would hope I would be a part of the Tooks, who alone seem to occasionally produce a hobbit who must chart his own course.

4: One of the Noldor, of Galadriel’s generation, a strong clan of Elves, noble and high-blooded. To have lived in Lothlorien and to have seen the trees turn golden, and the elinor bloom age after age, only to one day travel to the Grey Havens and take a ship along the Straight Way back to Valinor…sigh…

3: One of the Vanyar, the Light-Elves, who never left Valinor, because they never had to deal with the toils and troubles of Middle-Earth.

**Geek Moment Over, thank you for your patience.**

2: An artist’s paintbrush. Do I really need to explain that one?

1: A really good book, worn by use and love, because the greatest care would always be taken of me, and I would always be able to lift the countenance of the one who read me so often.


One thought on “Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Things I’d Want to Be If I Weren’t Human

  1. Oh MAN. I didn’t even THINK of Narnian/Middle Earth beings!! I would be an elf in no time flat…to the sea! to the sea!!!!

    Love your number 1, too. Awesome.

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