I Really am a Teacher?

Have I mentioned at all lately just how much Turbo’s reading ability has blossomed? Forgive me if I have not.

We have actually taken a break from his phonics curriculum, just so we can enjoy reading. We still do some work on it, but not with his core curriculum, which is pretty heavy-duty – he is simply having too much fun reading everything in sight! I have been utterly amazed and grateful that God has seen fit to allow me a very easily teachable child for my first foray into homeschooling. I honestly wonder just how much my work as his teacher has played apart in an obviously very natural tendency toward reading.

One example of this is that, starting a few days ago, Turbo has begun reading books to his brother and sisters. He loves reading them stories, and even though some of them are nearly memorized, he is laboring over each word, rather than reciting them by rote. At first, I questioned whether he was really reading, so I sat and observed him. I could see his eyes tracking along with the words, and I could see his lips sounding out letters before he would say the word aloud.

Another sign is his willingness to read new books in which he “doesn’t know the words yet.” He used to be so fearful of it, but now his confidence is building, and he just goes for it.

Then, I wondered about his comprehension, so I began having him read the instructions on his schoolwork for himself, and do at least one problem on his own. His comprehension is excellent. He not only can read, but he understands what he is reading! I thought that came farther down the road of learning than this!!!

30 toes in a row + Dr. Seuss = One happy mommy

He is reading.

My eldest child is reading.

I can hardly believe it.

And to think that it was I, by the grace of a Holy God, who taught him! Finally – I feel like this homeschooling thing is worth it. Intellectually, I know and accept that homeschooling works, and works well. Emotionally, however, it has been a battle. I didn’t think I was cut out for it. I still don’t.

Apparently, however, I don’t have to be cut out for it. I get to just do the best I can, and trust that God gave my children the right mother for this.

Now, I am trying to incorporate more read-aloud time into our day. I find myself reading less, as Turbo takes the reigns a bit more. They all enjoy it so much, I have to admit I feel a bit left out. At the same time, that little bit of extra freedom is kind of nice. I think this will make it easier for me to pick the Narnia books back up, since those still require a higher reading level than where my son is.


So, I guess that means I really am a teacher.



3 thoughts on “I Really am a Teacher?

  1. How great about Turbo!
    As I was reading your post I was reminded of 2 Corinthians 12:9 where God says to Paul, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”
    God gives each of us things that we feel less than perfect at so that we learn to depend on Him all the more. For me one of these things was teaching in grad school. I felt so unprepared, but Jesus was Lord just the same, teaching through me.
    It looks like you, too, are learning this lesson as you teach your children. How awesome that God has given you some early success with your oldest! I hope Turbo always has a tremendous love of reading:)

  2. Levi did that for us, he started reading at 3 & soon was better then Granny. Which isn’t saying much…
    By the way, I count 30 toes, unless your kids have only five toes each!

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