Christmas 2009

Such an intriguing, creative title, don’t you think? I’m sure it makes up for my sad lack of pictures this year. For some reason, I just didn’t pick up the camera all that much today. For crying out loud, I didn’t even get a good picture of them in their new Christmas jammies! My goodness, I’m slacking.

Either way, today was so full of blessing. My cup is surely running over today, if it never has before. Not just materially either, though the gifts I received all made my eyes leak a little. Especially the calendar made for me by my Turbo. I will proudly hang it on my wall, and I am not going to bother buying a normal wall calendar. AJ made me a bookmark with a collage of pictures of my family covering both sides. I couldn’t be more touched by the thought behind that little stocking stuffer.

So many thoughtful gifts came our way this year, and since I have a first-grader capable of writing, we will need to send out thank-yous.

Well, my brain is going a mile a minute, and I am getting sleepy after such a long day of doing absolutely nothing other than reading the Bourne Identity (thanks to my Honey) and occasionally changing a diaper. Thanks be to God for a sister who fed my kiddos and cleaned up the horrendous mess I call a kitchen too! I got spoiled today.

So. Enjoy the few pictures I bothered to take. MERRY CHRISTMAS!