It’s Christmas Morning! (Afternoon, actually, but who’s counting?)

It’s good to finish something, even if it is at the eleventh hour. Sheesh. I am kicking myself for procrastinating.

Anyway, here is Sunshine’s quilt, all sewn, and ready to be tied with pretty purple thread.

click to enlarge

And, here are the girls, all surprised and excited to have their “blankies”.

Sweet faces on a sweet morning.

When we handed the quilts to the girls, Cuteness very distinctly said that she didn’t “want the pretty bow taken off yet.” Pretty packaging is apparently worth the effort. 🙂

Last, but not least, I wanted you to see what I missed recording in the church play. I lined up all four kiddos, and had them sing “Away in a Manger”. The only bummer is that Bubbers just wouldn’t do it. For days, he has been walking around the house singing it, and doing the motions. Not on camera though. Still, he steals the scene in his own, Bubbers-like way. Enjoy.