My Dad

For those who have been asking.

My dad has melanoma. Skin cancer.

He had a mole removed that was 10mm thick, and normally, worst-case scenario is 4mm thick. So yeah, it’s been a bit tense around here. He had an MRI and a PET scan to look for cancer in other parts of his body. So far, those have come up reasonably clean, and he underwent surgery yesterday morning to have the rest of his mole removed, as well as two lymph nodes from under his right arm. (The mole is on his chest.)

The lymph nodes look “very suspicious”, but the surgery itself went well, and dad should be home now.

They also ran a dye through his body to look for more cancer (I think).

As of right now, we know nothing more than that.

They haven’t said what stage he’s in, other than that he’s NOT in STAGE 4 – which would mean the game is over.

We’ll find out a more complete picture – the stage we’re dealing with, and what treatment is going to be necessary – around Christmas time. He has a consultation appointment then, where they’ll put all the pieces together and decide the best course to take to fight this nasty cancer monster.

And just so you know – I’m genuinely okay. Inside, anyway. I’m definitely emotionally a bit fragile, but the Lord has given me peace that goes beyond what makes sense, and is holding all of us close. Please pray especially for my mom, as it is so very hard to watch the man you love going through all this.

He’s not even 50 yet, so I have great hope for healing and complete victory. However, that may not be the case. So please, pray.