Final Touch

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I have a pretty grapevine garland thing that hangs up year-round in my house. This year, I decided to bedeck it with small red and green bulbs and a small rope garland. However, the monarch butterfly on a bright orange daisy painting hanging below it just doesn’t say “Christmas” to me.


I had my sister make an enlarged copy of this gorgeous photo she took of the snowfall in Salem, Oregon last year. I don’t know the name of the creek, but it sure is pretty, isn’t it? I love the house peeking out from the trees…so beautiful. And peaceful.

I matted it in green, and put it in a frame I had stashed in my closet.

I paid a whopping $2 and change for the photo at Staples, where my sister works. No, there was no employee discount for it, and it was not on special. I paid another $2 for the mat at Hobby Lobby, which was half-price. So, all in all, a whopping $4 for a gorgeous winter photo to hang as my final touch.

Makes me smile rather sentimentally.