Thanksgiving, Lines, and a Drunk Guy

The best, most beautiful devilled eggs I have ever had.

This picture is the ONLY good picture I took on Thanksgiving. Out of the whopping TWO I actually took. Go figure. I had it in the back of my mind to get a good group shot at some point, and never did.

Oh well.

This is my sister – from here on out to be known as Auntie Jen (a.k.a. “AJ”) – who made these deliciously addictive deviled eggs. She doesn’t even eat deviled eggs. Neither had she made them before. Yet, they were so perfectly pretty and tasty and…yum.

We shared our Thanksgiving feast with our good friends, a new friend of mine, and that’s just about it. It was the smallest gathering we have had in years, but it was so lovely. Instead of having our meal early in the day, Erica and I decided to wait until later to eat. It left me time to take it easy with the cooking, and I got to watch the bulk of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade – a tradition that brings tears to my eyes every time I see that ribbon cut.

The only disadvantage I can see is that no one could manage dessert, since we didn’t have a lot of time to let dinner settle before the guests had to head home.

On the spur of the moment (for me, anyway), Erica, Amber, and I decided to go to Toys-R-Us at their midnight opening. We got there at about eleven o’clock, and the line, of course, wrapped three-quarters of the way around the building. Sweet.

We didn’t even get inside the doors until after midnight, partly because of a fist-fight at the front door (which were lucky enough NOT to witness), and partly because the back of the line finally wrapped around to the door again, and those at the end were trying to cut in ahead of those at the front.

Such holiday spirit and cheer!

I only had a couple of things I was interested in, and took it pretty easy. The three of us girls got separated, and by the time I had checked out, and seen Amber on her merry way, I had only just found Erica. She was still at least an hour away from checking out, and I stood with her.

She had her things piled on the cart of a guy who was nice enough to share it with her. However, Erica was relieved I finally showed up, because the guy was not entirely sober. He wasn’t creepy, just rather tipsy. Erica’s things kept falling off of his huge pile, so we just stacked it up and scoooted it along the floor the rest of the way. Needless to say, she was relieved, as she was eager to break ties with yet another weirdo encounter.

Erica is famous in these parts for her weirdo encounters. (Ask Sara, she’ll vouch for the scientific-ness of this fact.)

Anyway, we distracted ourselves from Drunk Guy’s cell phone conversations with his girlfriend (“You’re such a b*****, I love you, baby.”) by looking at adorable baby clothes and booties and shoes.

We survived, but poor Erica’s feet almost didn’t. If we had been there much longer, I’m reasonably certain that they would have fallen off.

I did not arrive home until FIVE O’CLOCK IN THE MORNING!

So much for my Black Friday morning plans. Those didn’t get underway until Saturday, just shy of lunchtime. Sigh. Oh well.

We decided that next year, we’re just going to get in line, and do our shopping that way. Seriously. People left stuff ALL over the place, and the good stuff is in the middle of the main aisles anyway. Much easier. Of course, it didn’t help that no one knew where the line even was for the first two hours, and that there were only four out of ten registers open.

I still got some good deals (none of which require batteries, thankyouverymuch) and came away satisfied, and so happy I didn’t have to go alone this year. I really do love going out while it’s still dark. I have no idea why.

I blame my fun-loving mother.

I hope your Thanksgiving was a blessed one.