Tea Time Birthday Party

DSC00537Where to start?

This pig-tailed, precious little girl is growing into a young lady. For her fifth birthday, she wanted to have a “real” tea party with her friends. She wanted to dress up and have a pink cake and real tea in real tea cups. So that is just what we did.

Of course, she also asked for a toy gun like Turbo’s, only it could be pink for girls. (No, she did not get one. She didn’t seem to notice, though.)

Cuteness did receive her pink cake, complete with coconut, per her request, with strawberry filling. We also had cucumber sandwiches, cheese & crackers, and a special snack mix that Cuteness made herself, with only a little help from me.

This party was a delight! Each of the little girls who came put on their best dresses, and were so very ladylike. It was so cute to hear the girls say “Please pass the cucumber sandwiches.” Or “May I have more sugar in my tea, please?”

We also played a game of Pass the Parcel, and each girl got to make her very own fan to take home.

I say this at every birthday of each of my children, but I mean it more each time: I cannot believe how much my Cuteness has grown. It seems that lately, everyone we meet is telling us how really pretty she’s getting, and how grown-up she seems. I can’t help but agree. I am absolutely amazed and humbled to have such a precious daughter. Her heart is soft and sweet, but so very strong.

As much as I love watching her grow, my heart gets heavy when I think of losing my little girl to womanhood. So, I just don’t let myself think about it. Solves that problem!


Okay, so I’m in denial. What of it?


I am still amazed at how much I discover in my Cuteness everyday. I pray that I never forget that she is in my life so that I can learn as much as I am attempting to teach.


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