Today, a note came home from school stating that Turbo was overheard telling his fellow students that when he grew up and had little girls, he wants to name one of them “Mrs. Pace”. His teacher.

He also told me tonight that when he grows up, he wants to have 15 girls and 15 boys. “Good luck finding a woman who can do that!” I said.

When I told Levi about Turbo’s note, he asked Turbo if it was because Mrs. Pace is cool.

With a look of disdain, he replied “No. She’s a girl.”

In his mind, girls are “pretty” and boys are “cool”, just to be clear that he wasn’t insulting her. Either way, it was hilarious. He really does take after me in more ways than one.


He then proceeded to clarify to his father what Mrs. Pace is like. He told her “She’s old. She’s an old lady that hasn’t died yet.”


I will leave our reaction to your imagination.


2 thoughts on “Turboisms

  1. ROFLOL!!!! I guess that it IS good logic to want to name a baby girl after someone who’s “old” and not dead yet, in interest that they want them to live longer! Ahh, the thought process of children! – LOVE IT! –

  2. Hilarious! We got a kick out of Turbo’s responses about his teacher and how many kids he wants to have.

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