The Concert…

DSC00357…was amazing! For those who don’t already know, Levi & I won tickets from a local radio station for a Project 86 concert Wednesday night.

It was in a little venue in Denver called the Marquis Theatre. It has been so long since I’ve been to a concert, and I felt so very “Mom-ish”, and out of place there, but it really didn’t take that long to start enjoying myself and to forget to think about myself!

We went to see Project 86, a band Levi has been a fan of since their first album. They are hardcore, and one of our first “non-date dates” (long story) was a Project 86 concert in Eugene. Though hardcore is not my favorite genre, I have learned to love Project 86 for their powerful lyrics. Honestly, though, there are some days where this kind of loud, fist-shaking music is just right…and I have been won over.

There were three bands who opened for them. Two, we’d never heard of. Children 18:3, who rocked. The Wedding came on 2nd, and they…were…awesome. We absolutely LOVED them live. Their CD wasn’t as hardcore as they sounded live, but it gave us a chance to appreciate the lyrics better – and I am an official fan!!!

My favorite thing about the Wedding is that they really seemed like they were having the time of their lives up there. You could just see and feel their passion and joy…it was contagious.

I am bummed I couldn’t get any good pics of them, but that’s how life is when you’re short, the stage is only 2 feet off the ground, and you have to figure out which setting to use to get any kind of recognizable shot in a dark room with a bunch of bouncing bodies! (And that floor was amazingly bouncy! The best kind for jumping and getting rowdy…)

Showbread came on right before Project, and while I am a little familiar with them, I’m not really a “fan”. I just don’t know their music well. Those guys are weird though…really weird. And fun to listen to.

The crowd went crazy when Project came on, though. This is what they came for!

Levi and I pressed in a little closer, but I had to back off after a bit. I’m just not a mosher…never have been, and those guys are rough. Levi, however, didn’t leave the pit until the concert was nearly over in order to grab me and bring me in for the last couple of songs. It was good. 🙂 He was even one of “those guys” who started stuff…I loved watching him as much as the band sometimes. I never get to see him cut loose like that anymore.

Needless to say, we both came away pretty much deaf, and Levi is suffering sore legs & neck from all the moshing, jumping, and head-banging. Every minute was worth it, though. It brought back memories of our first concerts together, and we had a chance to just talk about music, and how both of our tastes have grown and changed over the years. Mine more than his. I have slowly but surely been drawn to the “dark side” of hardcore music – and I actually like it in and of itself, not just because my cute honey does. 🙂

It’s easy to forget how much we have in common sometimes. Parenting, maintaining a home and cars, work, family troubles, and daily life seem to really put a damper on conversation at times, and we feel like we have to work to find common ground as a man and woman.

I am so glad we got to go…I’d take a rock concert over dinner and a movie any day!

As much as I miss nursing my babies, I am so glad to be in the next stage of life, where my kids are old enough to let mommy go have some fun with their daddy, and to feel like a girlfriend in love again!

So, thanks to WayFM for the free tickets! If it weren’t for you, we never could have gone ourselves. Thanks to Project 86 for being awesome and for an intensely good time in Denver!

Above all, thanks be to my God and father, Jesus Christ, who brought me the man I love, and who provided us with time to be in love again.