Corralling Thoughts: My brain dump in haiku.

Contentment is hard.
Peace passing understanding
Makes no sense at all.

My mind is racing.
I want to share my struggles,
be honest, forthright.

Might be dangerous
to open up completely.
Perhaps a good cry?

Self-centered, silly,
rambling all over the place,
my thoughts are tangled.

Talking them all out
seems so easy and freeing,
but might be foolish.

Do I need spotlights?
Do I vie for attention?
Indeed, I sure do.

Why do I do it?
I don’t understand myself.
What I hate, I do.

Tired of struggle,
I just want to be finished,
contented and still.

I want to be past
understanding, in peace.
Enveloped in grace.

Surrender is all.
Trying not to try so hard
is impossible.

I don’t know my need.
You say “Do just this one thing”,
And all goes away.

Not true. I say “Nay”.
One more thing never cures it,
just adds more burdens.

I do want to pray,
unsure of what needs saying.
I’m just struggling.

Who will rescue me?
Thanks be to my Lord Jesus,
who says to rest easy.

Even this knowledge,
that Christ is always with me,
doesn’t erase pain.

I will be okay,
I know that to be the truth.
I am not alone.

Faith is evidence
of things unseen, the substance
of what I hope for.

I will cling to that,
with what little strength I have.
I will be alright.


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