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Chaos for Glory: My Time With ACORN

Please note that the full audio track, as well as the full transcript of this interaction are linked at the bottom of the page in the above link, so you know that even though the videos have been edited, they are accurate.

I have not been this disgusted and outraged since I saw the video of Planned Parenthood helping to cover up statutory rape. That was pretty disgusting. This is just as bad, if not worse.

Both organizations receive federal funding. There is something wrong with this picture.

I don’t care that this “couple” were posing. The fact that the tax rep doesn’t even bat an eye when they tell her about the thirteen underage El Salvadorian girls they are going to be “taking care of”, but instead starts coming up with ways to hide it in their taxes. Then, to top it off, the “couple” are asked to join ACORN!!! What!? They would be fine with a sex-trafficking prostitute and corrupt, aspiring politician to be members of their upstanding organization? Okay then.

I want to barf. And cuss. Instead, I’ll be calling my representatives to encourage them to get on board with cutting funding to ACORN. I am not happy that my tax dollars are going to an organization that would hire people with such horrible ethics and, apparently, no moral compass whatsoever. Goodness knows how many of these bad apples are corrupting the whole bushel…

At least they FIRED the two women in the video. So, now they at least look good.

*Steps off soapbox.*


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