Friday May Be Here, But Monday’s Coming

With Monday, comes our first day of school.

I’m fairly certain I will be ready for my hoodlums to start learning great things, such as “Getting on Mother’s Last Nerve 101” and “Growing Up Too Fast”, and maybe even a little “They’re Going to be Smarter Than Their Mother.”


My Turbo is in first grade. He will actually be going to school on Monday, for his once-a-week homeschool support program at a local charter school. We attended the open house yesterday, and for the first time in his life, Talks-to-Strangers-Turbo clung to me for dear life for much of the time. I have never seen my child truly nervous. It seemed to wear off fairly quickly, and he began making himself at home, but my mother heart still shoved itself up into my throat and declared war on Letting Go.

It took a lot of self-control for me not to grab my children and run, crying, for the safety of my own house, where I can shelter them from all the big mean world.

Even though this tiny group of classrooms is filled with smiling, loving, intelligent faces. No meanness to be found there…

I really do know that it’s time to begin that whole “letting go” thing. I thought I was ready. Now, I’m not so sure. Emotionally speaking, that is.

Now, I know that when Monday morning rolls around, and we actually get down to business this coming week, I will be just fine. And probably enjoy the quiet afforded by the absence of Turbo during the day. It is truly amazing how that boy’s presence affects the decibel level in my home.

Today, after the little ‘uns get up from their nap, I am making some PB&J’s, and we are going on our final Excursion in Search of School Supplies. We will also be acquiring Turbo’s school uniform – in which I know he will look far too manly and grown-uppish. I am contemplating putting together a little “back-to-school-gift-thingie” for each child to wake up to on Monday morning.

Not exactly sure what it will be just yet, but I want them to be excited…

Wait a second…I just realized something.

I am now the mother of two school-age children and two toddlers. There are no babies in my house any more. Weird.

I have turned a corner.

And Monday is waiting on the other side…am I ready to meet it?

I think so. I really think so…sort of.


One thought on “Friday May Be Here, But Monday’s Coming

  1. Mommy is growing up! 🙂 It’s the weirdest feeling knowing that they are in the “next” stage of life. DH and I realized a couple of weeks ago that we now have a Boy in our house. I’m not preggo. He’s not a newborn, or infant, or baby, or EVEN a toddler. We watched our son put away what he could of his dinner, and then proceed to go sit down to read his books. We sat there in silence, just watching. And then he said it. “We have a boy now.” Somehow he’s always the first to say things of that nature. I never want to say them.

    I know that Mr. Turbo will have the time of his life on Monday!

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