The Rest of the Day

As promised, I am sitting down to write about the rest of Sunday. You know, after The Jump? We had to drive about fourty-five minutes to get there, so I looked up a few free family activities we could do, and make a day of it, instead of just meandering home afterward.

After the jump, we went to a local, shady picnic area and enjoyed our lunch. We let the kids play in a fountain, and they squealed and laughed over and over again as they put their hands into the streams of water, resulting in a sparkling ricochet, getting them completely drenched! It was ninety degrees or more outside, so we figured that the wet shirts would just help them stay cool.

When I did some intensive and thorough research googling to see what Canon City had to offer, I found few activities that were within the limits of our budget. (Our budget being “anything free and kid-friendly.”) Of course, we are talking about Royal Gorge territory here, so almost everything has some sort of fee that seems small until you multiply it by the members of our family.

I persisted, and discovered a pretty popular little spot. The Skyline Drive, which is a small road along the top of a “hogback”, just west of town. It has some of the most beautiful views of the surrounding area, and there are trace fossils and dinosaur tracks to see, which the kids found fascinating! If I am to be totally honest, Levi and I were just as amazed. One footprint was easily the size of my head!

With that experience under our belt, we decided to venture to the only other free activity I could find in the small amount of time I spent looking – the river walk along the Arkansas River. Since the kids were starting to get tired, not to mention the grown-ups, we just found a random parking lot adjacent to it and started walking. We found a small area where we could more easily access the river, and the kids all took turns “fishing” with a makeshift pole Turbo found. Someone had found a nice, straight stick, and had tied fishing line with a paper clip attached at one end. 🙂

Needless to say, that provided plenty of entertainment.

The river reminded me of Oregon, and I got very homesick. It was so green, and sunny, and breezy, and pretty. Sigh…I want to go home…but…it’s not time yet.

The drive home seemed pretty short, we were all drained, and we came home just after a thunderstorm had blazed through. The quiet after a thunderstorm is sweet and fresh, and everyone took a nap. Except for me. You know why? (BECAUSE I HAD MY TRAY TABLE UP!!! Wait…sorry about that…sort of…at least J will appreciate it…anyway…where was I?)

Oh yeah…

I didn’t sleep because the quiet was sweet and fresh. Silence that golden needs to be enjoyed in a state of wakefulness by a book-loving mom. It. Was. Good.

Now, here is where I would normally post the pictures from the day. The kids’ faces eagerly awaiting mommy’s drop from the sky, the splashing fountain, the fascination on their faces while gazing at dinosaur tracks, and the fishing.

Alas and alack!

My camera has officially boycotted the Miller family. On Sunday morning. I think it knew my agenda.

Everything seems to work, except that it looks like I have the lens cap on. It’s one of those automatic-openy-thingies, and it most definitely opens, and opens all the way. Yet, it only “sees” black. It’s very odd. I’ll be doing some more googling to find out if it’s worth repairing, or if we have to save up for something we don’t have money for.

I’m trying to look at the bright side…this could be the perfect opportunity to get caught up on all the photos I already have! 🙂

So, that’s it. That’s what we did. Made beautiful, wonderful, lasting memories with the kids, doing something simple, together.

I love being a family.


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  1. buuut…. did you have your seatback in full upright position? i mean… granted, your recent posts have just shot you straight towards stardom…. that is quite an important detail 🙂

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