Top Ten Tuesday: Why I Love Summer

tttsquidSo, Jenni started this cool little meme with an even cooler mascot. How could I resist? Well. I cannot. This week’s theme?

The Top Ten Things I Love About Summer

1) Mornings.
Mornings in summer are so very glorious. Especially early mornings, when the world is just waking up, and the sky is all gold and pink, and the temperature is cool, and the air is sweet.

2) Evenings.
Summer evenings can range from sultry and warm to cool and refreshing. The cricket song, the sunset, and the air all contribute to romance.

3) Porch Swings.
I don’t own one yet, but it is most definitely on my list. Porch swings are the perfect accessory to summer mornings AND evenings.

4) Running in the sprinklers.

Pic is two years old, but you get the idea.

Pic is two years old, but you get the idea.

5) Going barefoot in long grass.
The feeling of grass between the toes is sublime to me!

6) Sitting in the shade.
When we lived in Washington D.C., sitting in the shade during the humid hell that was summer there made no difference whatsoever. Here in Colorado, it can be 95 degrees out, but the shade is always so much cooler. It’s actually a pleasure to sit out and watch the kids play.

7) Grilling.
Of course, we grill pretty much whenever we feel like it, but summer is the prime time for Daddy to play with fire and work wonders with a common piece of chicken. Or ribs.



8 ) Roses.
I only have a few small bushes, but they bloom all summer, and just…well…they’re roses. I shouldn’t have to explain!

9) The breeeeeeeze.
No matter how hot it gets here, there is always a breeze. And, if I leave my front and back doors open, it blows straight through, carrying all the smells and sounds of summer with it.

10) Sweet tea.
Now, I don’t make southern, the-spoon-stands-on-its-own sweet tea, but mine has just enough in it that it’s still refreshing. I love a HUGE glass with lots of ice on hand at all times. I go through a lot of tea in summer!

Wow. Just ten? I could keep going…but…I guess these would be my top ten. Thanks, Jenni, for hosting! It was fun.


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  1. Fabulous list, FLM. I could have listed way more than ten too!! Thanks for playing along…I think you’re my very first participant; yay!


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