Brain Dump

I just want to share with you what is supposed to be on my agenda for the next few weeks. Or so.

1) Finish up my Labor Doula Certification packet and mail it in.
2) Finally review my Childbirth Education certification packet and get off my butt and START the process.
3) Plan out my year for homeschooling for a Pre-K/K kiddo, and a first-grader.
4) Plan out a general idea of things to cover this year for a little red head who wants to “do school.”
5) Clean my house tonight.
6) Get all the laundry off the floor at least.
7) Go sky-diving.
8) Plan and host a patio potluck to celebrate our new backyard.
9) Go camping with our friends.
10) Sign Turbo & Cuteness up for their 2nd session of swim lessons.
11) Buy a swim suit. Before the end of summer so I can go swimming with my kids.
12) Buy more bras of the non-nursing variety.
13) Buy clothes for the year for the kids.
14) Become Wonder Woman.
15) Et cetera.


That’s a lot.

And there’s more where that came from.

Pray that I keep my priorities in line, wouldja? Thanks!


One thought on “Brain Dump

  1. Which labor doula program and childbirth education course did you take? We are teaching a homebirth birth assistant workshop next month! My primary nurse is a DONA doula trainer.

    As for priorities, I would move #14 up higher. With your love for sky diving, you’d really LOVE that invisible plane and her fabulous outfit will fulfill number 11!

    As I was working through law school, I printed a picture of Wonder Woman and slid it down inside my binder for inspiration. I really was her biggest fan as a kid. I went from dreaming about tree fairies, to Wonder Woman, to Madonna, to the woman more precious than Rubies.


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