Weekend Update

I have a few minutes to kill before nap time, and rather than folding laundry, I’m going to sit on my computer and prattle on a bit. As I mentioned before, I volunteered for our church’s VBS this week. The evening times have definitely been challenging for us as a family, but my kids are holding up pretty well. It wasn’t until last night that one of them finally had a meltdown, which is pretty darn good. Last year, they barely made it to Wednesday…and so did I!

I think a big part of it has been that my kids have still been sleeping decently. I decided to try something for our drive home each night, to get the kids wound down after being wound up. It’s only a ten-minute drive, but I wanted to find a way to calm them down before we got home and had to tackle bedtime.

I found a local “light praise” station that plays beautiful instrumental versions of worship songs at the time we’re going home, so, before I start the car, I ask them to be quiet and listen to the music. I allow them to talk to me and each other, but no playing.

Once we pull into the driveway, I tell them that when we go inside, we’ll be putting our shoes away and getting right into bed.

Surprise of all surprises? It’s working.


Well, I guess it’s not that weird, since God is gracious to those of us with little lambs. (Isaiah 40:11)

And now for something completely different: Links!