VBS: A week of late nights.

This week has been VBS week at our church, for which was “facilitating the singing.” Of course, since I didn’t bother to write down the dates, I didn’t learn the songs until the morning of the first day. Luckily, VBS is for kids, and they don’t care how lame I am! 🙂

It has also been in the evenings. Our church’s philosophy on that is that there are some kids who wouldn’t be able to go to VBS at all if it weren’t in the evenings, and we’re the only church offering VBS in the evenings. Which makes sense. So, I have been trying to make sure my youngest short people get extra-long naps. The older two, however, have done very well. Except Cuteness…she had to sit on the time-out chair last night. She is my most compliant, but when she chooses a battle…


That’s why I haven’t posted all week.

Just so you know. And in case you miss my prattling on about nothings. 🙂


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