It’s Tuesday…

a.k.a. “Monday,” since Levi has Sundays and Mondays off.

Since we began work on our backyard back in April, we have been working off and on, trying to get it tilled up and planted with new grass. We were looking forward to a pretty mundane, full weekend or two of work to get it done. However, we had a few little adventures along the way.

The first one being my Spring Cleaning, which pretty much kept me from being of any real assistance to my husband. We did a little prep work and most of the shopping for seed and other items we needed to move forward with our project.

Many loads of gravel.

Many loads of gravel.

About a month ago, we finally got started in earnest. We moved many wheelbarrows of gravel from one corner of our yard to the opposite corner. We filled in around our air conditioning unit, and up to the edge of our deck. The kids even got in on it, though I don’t think I have pictures of Turbo shoveling. He did a great job!

When we were finally ready to till, we borrowed a tiller from our neighbor. About two-thirds of the way through the job, the tiller broke. The motor still ran, but the tines wouldn’t turn. Drat. So, we looked into buying the part and fixing it ourselves, but no matter what we decided to do, it was going to take a week or two at least to get the part in. So, we returned it, and are awaiting the estimate for its repair, so we can pay for it.

In the meantime, we thought we’d go ahead and rent a tiller, rather than wait for who knows how long to till our yard. The window for planting here is pretty narrow, and Levi just wanted to get it done. That very afternoon at work, a co-worker of my husband’s offered to bring his tiller over and loan it to us! We accepted, and Levi spent the weekend getting it all done!

This tiller was super-easy to use, and Levi had the ground tilled in no time. He spent all day Monday spreading seed and fertilizer, and raking it all in with the help of the kids.

They had so much fun helping Daddy, that they came into our room the next morning, enthusiastically saying:

“Come on Daddy! Let’s do more work in the yard today! Can we do more work in the yard today? Can we pleeeeeease?!”

How do you refuse that? Frankly, you don’t. 🙂 Here they are, doing their darndest to rake that seed in so the birds don’t get it!



We are so relieved and excited to have the seed down, and are praying earnestly that the Good Lord sees fit to make it grow. We know there’s only so much we can do – plant, water, fertilize – but, it’s God Himself who sees to it that each seed produces a blade of grass. He does seem to want to bless us with growth, though, because it’s rained quite a bit the last few days. Pray for more, please!

I am so proud of my husband, who had to do quite a bit of the work by himself, because when I helped him, the house went to pieces. He decided he’d rather have clean underwear than me getting dirty. 🙂

This is, by far, the biggest project we’ve ever done, and he stuck to it until it was finished. He even had to dig up the line to one of our sprinklers and fix it! Twice. (One of the adventures I mentioned, which took him a few hours to take care of.)

He’s turning into quite the handyman around here, which I think is kinda hot. Ahem. 😉

Anyway, here is our seeded, fertilized, and watered ground.

From the deck, looking right.

From the deck, looking right.

From the deck, looking left.

From the deck, looking left.

That chain link fence is going to be taken down and moved next year, and will be put at the edge of the gravel we moved to the side yard. (See first picture.) We’ll plant grass there, and put up a clothesline for me. All of this only if the Lord is willing, obviously.

So, as exciting as this was for you to read, I’m afraid I must stop here and go stuff the faces of my short people. Who are exasperating today. (Any grandma’s wanting to come pick them up for, say, a year?)


3 thoughts on “It’s Tuesday…

  1. Have ’em ready to go , Granny will pick them up on her way back from Texas! HA HA ! Anyway, the yard looks “brawesome!” Levi- Good Man!

  2. Beautiful. Or it very soon will be. Just wait until they see the first few grass sprouts. Then the real excitement begins. Hehehe

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