Was It Really 6 Years Ago?

It seems like only yesterday (as over-used as this phrase might be) that I was laboring for over a day to bring this child into the world. Was it really six years ago that I finally understood how much God loves me because of the newborn child laying in my arms? The child that I had carried for nine months and birthed?

Yes, it really was over half a decade ago that my Turbo came into my life, and turned my world inside-out and upside-down. Not growing up with brothers did pretty much nothing to prepare me for raising a boy. All those nice, politically-correct, non-weaponry ideals I had were pretty much tossed out the window the minute he could get around enough to tackle his daddy or I.

The old saying is true. “Boys will be boys.” And I wouldn’t have it any other way. (Most days, anyway. 🙂 )

This child of mine lives up to his nickname: Turbo. The wheels of his mind are always turning. There is always a question on the tip of his tongue. There is always a new idea for play. There is always a sound effect or new fighting move about to burst forth. There is a budding childlike logic, sense of humor, and a smile that could disarm the hardest of hearts. There is a boy, ready for life, full of imagination, and always moving.

He is six today. My dad always warned me not to blink once I had kids, but I did. I did blink. And now he’s growing faster and faster.

I couldn’t love a child more. My oldest. My Turbo.

Since we’re having his “big” party on the 6th, after our local free spray park opens, I didn’t do a cake today. We made a big batch of pancakes, and I gave him a stack with candles. He thought that was pretty cool. 🙂 He opened all his gifts today too, since we are asking our guests not to bring gifts to his party later. Both sets of grandparents sent money to help pay for swimming lessons this summer, and because of that, he’ll be able to go all summer long! His cousin, Jared, made him a card with monster trucks and puppies.

From us, he got two new swords, since he was fresh out, and Daddy is going to take him mini-golfing this weekend. Just the guys. Sigh…he’s old enough to mini-golf. When will this end???

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2 thoughts on “Was It Really 6 Years Ago?

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! I cannot believe time has passed so quickly either!!! It seems like you just had him and I am still awaiting the arrival of mine!!! Though in less then 3 months time he will be 6 as well!!!! Ok, gotta go grab a tissue!!!!

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