Weekend Links

I forgot to do these, and I have some good ones this week.

  • Mother Love is Hard to Explain ~ The Parenting Post
    Especially for my Mommy. I LOVE YOU!
  • Natural Swimming Pools ~ The Daily Green
    If we ever get a pool, I’d really like one of these. A girl can dream, right?
  • The Ultimate Wedding Dance ~ Parkway Rest Stop
  • How Much Money Should You Save? ~ Get Rich Slowly
    Love how he points out there is no “set formula” that works for everyone. Great article.
  • #537: Forgetting that you are famous ~ Stuff Christians Like
  • As Luck Would Have It ~ The New York Times
    Gasp-inducing amazingness.
  • Dollars & Sense: Cloth vs. Disposable Diapers Cost Comparison ~ VeryBaby.com
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