Care to Translate?

***UPDATED WITH ANSWERS! Thanks for playing! How’d you do?***

Toddlerese, that is. To employ your brain this weekend, I hereby submit to you some of Bubbers’ vocabulary, as pronounced by him. Take your guesses, post them in a comment, and I’ll let you know tomorrow how many of you are right. 🙂

1) Bip = chip
2) Boppy = coffee
3) Boop-boop = Table
4) Yunsh = Lunch (most of you got this right!)
5) Beh-biss = Breakfast
6) Wah yoo = Love you
7) Nook = Milk
8) Boon = Spoon
9) I-keen = Ice cream
10) Wah-ee = Water

These are only half of what I had, but I forgot to write them all down, and these ten are the only ones I could remember what they mean! 🙂

Have fun.


3 thoughts on “Care to Translate?

  1. I’ll give it a shot 🙂
    1) Bip
    2) Boppy (binki)
    3) Boop-boop
    4) Yunsh (lunch)
    5) Beh-biss (babies)
    6) Wah yoo
    7) Nook
    9) I-keen (I clean)
    10) Wah-ee

  2. My turn- I didn’t see Abbie’s until after I wrote mine out-promise!
    1)Bip (Dip)
    2)Bobby (Potty)
    3)Boop-Boop (Pop)
    4}Yunsh (Lunch)
    5)Beh-biss (and butthead?)
    6)Wah yoo ( Mountain Dew)
    7)Nook ( Book)
    8)Boon (Spoon)
    9)I-keen (Ice Cream)
    10)wah-ee (Water)

  3. Here we go:

    1)Bip (this)
    2)Bobby (potty)
    3)Boop-Boop (thank you?)
    4}Yunsh (Lunch)
    5)Beh-biss (babies)
    6)Wah yoo ( thank you
    7)Nook ( look)
    8)Boon (Spoon)
    9)I-keen (Ice Cream)
    10)wah-ee (Wall-E)

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