The Sanctuary


I remember feeling a distinct tip-toe sense of awe whenever I had to go into my mom and dad’s room as a child. A sense that it was holy ground where I must tread lightly so as not to disturb the fragile atmosphere.

Ever since I got married, I wanted my own bedroom to have that same feeling. So, I took my time compiling things we both love in this room, like the Asian touches and pictures of us when we were dating. I also painted it red with black trim as a surprise before he came home from Iraq two years ago.

Once I finally moved our youngest into his own bed in a room with his brother, it motivated me to completely clean out and declutter the space that is supposed to be “our” space. Though we had things we love in there, our room had definitely become the “quick-stash-it-in-there-so-our-company-thinks-our-house-is-clean” room.

No longer!!! I put my foot down, and took care of it.

I did that not too long ago, so there wasn’t a whole lot for me to do today, except to corral some laundry, which I have put off during spring cleaning, and some general cleaning. I also moved some of Levi’s Air Force stuff out to the sell box, and I’m going to have him go through what’s left in our closet to decide what’s real memorabilia what’s just schtuff.

I’m glad today was smooth sailing. It was a nice change. Only one more room left for me to do, and I am finished! *happy dance*

Here are the master bedroom pics, for your viewing pleasure:

Dresser Before

Dresser Before

Dresser After

Dresser After

That laundry pile is astounding, is it not? Yeah. I haven’t done a lick more than was absolutely necessary since this here shindig started. Not good, since Levi & I were both down to our last pair of skivvies today. Yikes!

Bed Before

Bed Before

Bed After

Bed After

The closet is pretty much the way I want it, my dresser drawers are organized to my satisfaction, and our nightstands are virtually empty.

I feel like I have achieved my goal of a separate, sacred, and maybe even a little luxurious place for Levi and I to be with each other.

I think it helps that I am also very strict about my kids coming in only when they’re invited, or if they need us at night. They basically have free roaming privileges around the rest of the house, and I feel so strongly that there has to be a line somewhere where they know they are no longer in any common room. But, that’s just me. 🙂

Well. That’s it. (How’s that for an ending?)

Soooo, how about you? What do you think will help you create your own sanctuary?


2 thoughts on “The Sanctuary

  1. I can completely relate to your “quick-stash-it-in-there-so-our-company-thinks-our-house-is-clean” comment. Our bedroom is unfortunately the catch-all to every piece of clutter in the rest of the house when company is coming!

    Your “after” pics looks great! You must be so relaxed when you enter your fresh and clean bedroom now!

    • Thanks! I’ve worked hard over the last two years to keep our room clear of clutter, and it’s only gotten really bad a few times. 🙂

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