The Bathroom (cue: horror movie music)


I took yesterday off. I blame the children. No really, I do. Yesterday and today have both been “one of those days.” So, I didn’t tackle my bathroom until this afternoon, which puts me two days behind all you other Spring Cleaning Partyers out there.


Okay. Pity party over. On to some pictures!

This is the best overall shot I could get.





Do you see how shiny I got that bathtub? Would you like to know how hard I worked to get it that way?

To put it succinctly, I didn’t.

Another homemade cleaner recipe came to my rescue. This is the only one not in Simple Mom’s Ebook, but it seemed much stronger, so I tried it, since we have hard water and four children whose favorite toy is dirt (you do the math on that one).

I got this recipe from Lynnae at It consisted of 1/4 c. ultra Dawn dishsoap, and the rest of my squirt bottle filled with straight vinegar.

I sprayed the tub down, then allowed it to sit while I wiped down a few other things. In all, it probably sat for five to ten minutes. I was prepared to really use up some elbow grease, and even had my scraper handy, just like I would if I were using my normal commercial cleaner; which always took at least two treatments, plus scrubbing like a madwoman, plus a scraper.

I had my tub completely clean in less than five minutes.

I was scrubbing, but not hard. Just even, firm pressure on my brush. No grunting, sweating, or gnashing of teeth was involved. And it only took one treatment. Folks, that was one dirty tub. (Please recall the four dirty children plus hard water equation above.) I do not exaggerate.

The only (teeny tiny wee little) downside is the smell while I was cleaning. Since this mixture was basically straight vinegar, it was strong, but didn’t last, and once I rinsed the tub, it was completely gone. I wouldn’t even really count it as a downside, because all the time and work it saved me paid for the smell a hundred times over.

Anyway…I’m on to the kids’ rooms tomorrow. Oh joy! Oh rapture! Sigh…

At least I know I’m almost done. And…I didn’t have to do my linen closet. It’s already hunky dory, thankyouverymuch. 🙂