Makes sense to me…

Monkey: “Mommy, can you help me put my shoes on?”

Me: “Sure, sweety, just go get some socks on first.”

Monkey (almost crying): “Noooo…”

Me: “Why not?”

Monkey (with very sad eyes): “Because… *sniff sniff* …I want my feet to smell stinky!”


2 thoughts on “Makes sense to me…

  1. Oh my!!! That is so funny!!!!! Children are just the greatest!!!!! I have Logan telling me that he smacks his food because he is a “normal” kid!!!! I wonder where they come up with this stuff!!!

    • No kidding…you should hear Lydia – she’s picked up some of Levi’s
      expressions, and it’s so funny to hear them from a four-year-old little

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