Kitchen’s finished! (or: Vinegar is my new boyfriend)


Yes, I know the banner says I’m supposed to be doing my bathrooms and what not. Too bad. I’m on my own program over here, but it is day six for me. Well, by the time you’re reading this, it will be the end of Day 7, but I’m not getting my posts up until about 11 at night…so…work with me k? Thanks!

The kitchen took me three days – a few hours each day. I was really wearing myself out, and had to slow down a bit. Of course, I took yesterday off. 🙂

I really cannot say enough about Tsh’s homemade cleaner recipes I used from her e-book. I am especially in love with this:


And this:


I cannot say enough how amazingly wonderfully these two items work to clean stuff. I should have taken more detailed, close-up before and after pictures of the crud these things cleaned! I can say for certain that I will never buy another commercial cleaner for household use ever again.

I followed Tsh’s directions to let the all-purpose spray sit for about 5 minutes, and at least 95% of the gunk and crud and nastiness just wiped right off!!! I had to use my scraper or the scouring side of the sponge for only about 5% of the mess. I could not believe my eyes. I don’t know how I didn’t remember to get more pictures…

The homemade glass cleaner is out of this world! I didn’t use newspapers, because I prefer flour sacks (get them cheap at Wal Mart) for that kind of work. I cannot believe we’ve been so sold on products that don’t do any better than household staples. You know what is amazing? I can get a gallon of white vinegar for less than a dollar. That beats cleaners hands-down.

Eager and willing child laborers.

Eager and willing child laborers.

The biggest plus though? My kids don’t have to be locked away from them. If they swallow some vinegar…so what? They were thrilled that I gave them a spray bottle and told them to go for it when I was cleaning the fridge. I had two especially willing helpers.

Isn’t that just about the coolest thing ever?

And the oven cleaner…I have yet to sing its praises. I’m really kicking myself for not doing a before/after pic of this.

My husband has boiled over many pots of tomato soup (to be fair, I have too), also failing to tell me of the mess under the burner, because he just cleaned the drip pan. This resulted in several layers of baked on tomato soup crud. Traditional oven cleaner didn’t put a dent in it, even if left overnight. The homemade recipe? I left it on for 9 hours today (overnight-ish time.) I would say that 97% of it came up with just my scraper. It lifted right off – no real scraping going on! The 3% that’s left is being treated once more, and I will be scraping it off in the morning.

There is simply no comparison whatsoever, and I feel foolish to have believed that oven cleaner was necessary…compared to my new found concoction, it’s just pitiful. And noxious. No more choking when I have to tackle my drip pans. (Which are also being treated in the sink tonight.)

Anyway – I highly recommend that you by the e-book, or at least google homemade cleaner recipes.

I could go on. But I’m tired, and I need to gear up for day 7. Bathroom and linen closet – both the size of postage stamps, so it should be an easy day. It feels so good to have the two toughest rooms behind me. 🙂

So. Pictures. Here you go:

And those shiny floors? Another pleasant surprise from vinegar. My new boyfriend.

One more thing. Since the homemade all-purpose cleaner worked so well, I whipped up a bit more, and cleaned my vinyl vertical blinds. So easy…I’m ashamed I let them get that dirty, just for the fear of cleaning them.

PS: The pantry’s after pics look so empty because we are due for a grocery shopping trip. I don’t stock up much, because I’m still getting the hang of ad-shopping, and shopping multiple stores…


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  1. Your pantry and fridge look great. It goes by faster when you have cute little helpers.

    Thanks for checking out my blog.

  2. WOW! Your kitchen looks amazing. My Kitchen took 3 days as well, we pulled the fridge and stove out too, which was full of dog and cat hairs…..yikes. You should be very proud of yourself, it looks great.

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