What Was GM Thinking???

They’re a big part of why some usable, available, clean technology was buried before it ever had a real chance.

First, there was the GM EV1, engineered and built in response to California’s zero emissions mandate. Levi and I watched the documentary “Who Killed the Electric Car”, and watched, flabbergasted, as GM literally crushed their own technology.

Electric cars are not new. They’ve been around for a hundred years. They are road-ready. They work. They work well. And they’re kinda cute.

Why are we pursuing ridiculous “solutions” like ethanol (which I think pushes ethical boundaries, because of its effect on agriculture), and hydrogen, when 100% zero emissions technology is already available??? We could have nipped our addiction to foreign oil in the bud over ten years ago. Guess no one really wants that, eh? Except for every big-city commuter in the country, not to mention plenty of other everyday joe’s.

The only answer I can see is money.

I’m kinda happy now that GM is having so much trouble. They deserve it. If they had moved forward with their electric model, I’m reasonably certain they would be doing just fine by now. Pretty sure everyone in LA would have one by now…considering that LA already has the infrastructure to support electric cars.

I know that we’d own one in a heartbeat, if we could. In fact, Levi was looking up solar power through Solar City, who actually works in conjunction with Tessla Motors (the newest electric car company), to help you finance turning your home into a self-sufficient mini power plant. Sort of.

They’ll install the solar panels, as well as the charger for your car (which has a 300 mile/charge range currently), and you make payments on the panels. When you’re using the panels, you’re not using the city’s electricity. At night, when the you’re not pulling power from the panels, you’re paying far less for electricity, AND leaving a smaller “carbon footprint.”


These are the numbers when I put our address into the savings calculator at Solar City. Over $1500 a year in savings??? Sign me up!

Too bad we’re not in the financial position to go solar just yet…though I think we will down the road, after we’ve met some financial goals. 🙂

Disclaimer: I am NOT anti-big oil, in that sense. They can “make their living” as far as I’m concerned. But, I am awfully tired of greed driving what companies are producing. Greed is ugly, no matter what the dollar amount is, and the more I learn about the practices of these giant companies, the more cynical I become about things.