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“Jesus defines selflessness from the Incarnation to Calvary, so to be selfless is to identify with Him,” says Martha’s husband, David. “The point is to value your spouse so much that her best really is your goal.” ~Clem Boyd (Focus on the Family)

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I have a lot of links for you this week. There was so much going on…crazy. I hope you have a great weekend! Levi and I are going to be going out this weekend to a free TV preview thing. Basically, we get to go view some TV shows before they air, and give our input. I’m really excited, because they gave us four tickets, and we’ll be going out with some friends we’ve been meaning to go out with for a long time.

Dinner will be cheap, whatever we decide to do. I’m thinking Carl’s Jr., because I want a Kentucky Bourbon Burger. I had a bite of Levi’s last week, and I’ve been craving it ever since…*drool*…sorry…lemme wipe that off your monitor for you. (I’d link you to it, but for some reason, the link no worky right now.)

Anyway, please enjoy this week’s links. Most of them are either something I needed to re-learn or something I found really interesting.

Happy Friday!

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  • How to Save Money ~ Gather Little By Little. Though we’ve done a decent job saving money, it’s taken us far longer than it should have, because we were not paying ourselves first. We were saving whatever we had leftover, which wasn’t much. We’ve now changed that habit, starting in May, and will be saving a set amount, giving a set amount, and living on the rest. It’s so nice to know that we can keep learning and growing as we go.
  • Morsbags: Sociable | Guerilla | Bagging ~ I think these are the bags I’m going to try to make. I love that their pattern is free, and that you can register your bags to add to the count.
  • Live 30 Days on a Budget – I Dare You! ~ Gather Little by Little. It took Levi and I three solid months to get the budget thing down, and we still need to be diligent about meeting together once a month. We’ve been budgeting for a year now, and whenever we slack off, it shows!
  • Manage Your Finances Together ~ Gather Little by Little. Still a sticky area for us sometimes. I needed this reminder.