Gettin’ Crafty Widdit! (Na na na naaa na na na!)

On Tuesday the 14th, a baby girl was born to Nichole, a friend of mine from church. She was due the latest of four pregnant women in my church.

A joint shower was held not long before the first of them were born, way back in December. I had to go empty-handed, since I didn’t have the budget for a gift at the time. I decided to make each of them something, but wanted to take my time to figure out what. I love handmade gifts so much, and they really do mean so much more than (almost) anything off of a store shelf. And, these were virtually free for me to make. I like free.

Anyway, I procrastinated very well. It dawned on me this week that the last baby was being born!!! Ack!

So, this weekend, I buckled down and got it done! First, I made some adorable cases to hold a travel wipes case and a diaper or two, using this tutorial. I had to guess at the seam allowance, and I guessed wrong. Sigh… I couldn’t fit anything in those things. I have no idea what they could be used for. I had to come up with something else.

Oh! I know!

Burp cloths!!! What mother doesn’t need some of those, right? And why not make ’em pretty? Just because they get blurfed on doesn’t mean they can’t be adorable. (That’s my theory, anyway.) So, that’s what I did. I also made a taggy blanket for three of them, and a soft block for one. Here they are, for your oo-ing and ah-ing.

This picture shows Nichole’s original gift, because I forgot to take a picture before I dropped hers off. But, the burp cloths used the same floral fabric, trimmed with the black and white polka-dot ribbon you see on the taggy blanket.

Nichole's Gift

Nichole's Gift

This is a gift for Randi’s baby, the very first one born, back in December. I had the blessed privilege of giving them a basic crash-course in childbirth education to prepare them for their home waterbirth. (With my midwife, no less!!!)
Randi's Gift

Randi's Gift

Geri is the only one of the group to birth a baby boy (also at home with my midwife), as well as use cloth diapers. So, for her I made some cloth wipes & a custom travel wipe case, as well as a taggy blanket. Her taggy doesn’t quite match, so I didn’t put it in the picture. I used this tutorial to cover the extra travel wipes case I had on hand. Out of all the ones I found, it was the simplest, and therefore, bookmarked!
Geri's Gift

Geri's Gift

I really had my heart set on a taggy blanket for Holly’s new baby girl, but just couldn’t pull together enough coordinating fabric after I used it on the original case thingy. Sigh…but, I think this block turned out darn cute, and the fabric I had on hand for the burp cloths just happens to have all the right colors in it. So, I just appliqued a matching butterfly onto the solid side to tie them together a little better. Still getting the hang of that darn zig-zag, but it’s not half-bad for a noob.

Holly's Gift

Holly's Gift

Not too shabby for what amounts to digging in my scraps to find something suitable right? 🙂

PS: I’m totally fishing for a compliment, by the way. Just in case you didn’t notice.

PPS: If you want a better look at the details, just click on the picture to enlarge it.


5 thoughts on “Gettin’ Crafty Widdit! (Na na na naaa na na na!)

  1. Love it! We bought a new sewing machine LAST YEAR and still can’t figure out how to make it work. I am hoping to barter for some sewing instruction. I’d love to make each of my clients a cute little gift on their first birthday. Adorable!

  2. Hey girl! They all turned out great!!!!! I am jealous! I wish we lived next door or down the street from one another again so I can come over a invade on your talent and have you teach me and do crafty stuff with me! I am so out of practice!!! Miss ya girl!!! Great job!!!

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