I’ve Put it Off too Long.

There are four new babies at my church. The first of the bunch was born way back in December! And, I wasn’t able to attend any of the showers with a gift in hand. That whole “not a lot of money” thing really puts a damper on shopping for a baby. I knew I wanted to hand make something though, but kept putting off figuring out what that would be.

Well, today, I have a whole day ahead of me, and I’m going to make four of these. Three for girls, and one for a boy. Every momma could use one, and I don’t think I’ll have a problem finding a travel wipes case to stuff into each one. I also have abundant fabric on hand, which was supposed to be used for pajama tops for my kids, but that did not turn out well.

I’ll stay away from sewing clothes for awhile, I think. I don’t have that skill level.

Here I go, off to get started!


One thought on “I’ve Put it Off too Long.

  1. Great idea! We make those, and they sell! So women must appreciate them 🙂 ….. and they are simple–so good luck!

    ps–I, also, should swear off making clothing— not my ball of wax.

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