Why I Speak

I was listening to the radio the other night, and the D.J. played some audio clips from a video blog by Penn, of Penn & Teller fame, about proselytizing. I was struck to the core by this atheist’s views on Christians who do not speak boldly and confidently about their faith. It renewed in me the desire to put away childish self-consciousness, political correctness, and outright fear of ridicule, in order to make the biggest impact I can on Christ’s behalf.

Especially after celebrating the death and resurrection of Jesus this weekend, I am newly alive with a drive to share what I know to be True with each of you, regardless of how you react. I do care about what your reaction is, of course, but I cannot let that direct my motivation. The Truth drives me. Love for God drives me to obedience. (John 14:15) Love for you, as my friends and family, drives me to share Life with you.

Apparently, Penn understands this better than most Christians I know. I hope that if I ever get to share my faith with an outright atheist, that they walk away impacted in the same way Penn was. Yes, Penn is still an atheist. However, a seed was planted, and he will never forget the man who cared enough to share the Hope that lies within him for eternal life. He will never be able to stand before God and say “Nobody told me.”

That is my goal – that each of my friends and family will not be able to say that no one ever told you about Good News of Jesus’ act of love and salvation.


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