Happy 3rd Birthday, Monkey!

Our Little Red (a.k.a. Monkey, Sunshine, and Apple-Cheeks) has turned three. Of course, this happened at the end of February, but we waited to mark the occasion until we were in Oregon.

The first little celebration was had at Auntie Tiff’s house, up in Salem. She and Sophia concocted some yummy cupcakes with purple frosting and pretty fondant shapes. Our visit with Auntie Tiff was far too short, but a good one. I just wish I had gotten to see more of Chloe – the 7-year-old I held the day she was born – but we were there on a school day. Sigh…but, that’s how life is.

At the very least, I’m kicking myself for not getting a picture with her when I saw her at school before we headed out. My shins still have bruises.

Auntie Tiff got her a Little Golden Book version of Muppet Treasure Island, which we have read almost every night since! And the pretty picture is positioned on her dresser, next to her tea set. In short, we had a good visit, and some good fun. I just wish I could go back. šŸ™‚

A few days later, we planned a party at my mom’s house, which was supposed to be an intimate gathering including my folks and in-laws. Well. At the last minute, My Papa John, whom I haven’t seen in over ten years, surprised me by showing up, and my Mamaw Judy and Aunt Dorla came up from California. Of course, there were any number of aunts and uncles there too. The house was swamped!

Little Red took her nap there, and when it was time for the party, I woke her. Foolishly supposing that two hours was adequate for her nap. Since she usually naps for a shorter time than that, I had no way of being prepared for the little red headed zombie who greeted me.

It took her a solid hour to wake up. Even when we presented her cake, she was nonplussed. Didn’t care. I had to blow out her candles. It took Uncle Josh blowing his noisemaker in her face for her to finally perk up! She was so cute…despite her party pooper-ness. Her favorite gift of the day was the Princess Dolly she got from GG and Papo, and the baby doll diaper bag from Uncle Josh and Auntie Jen.

Oh – until we opened the Polly Pocket water slide thingie once we returned home! It’s her staple bath time toy now! She loves it! Thank you, Jared!


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