A Little Masterpiece.

I have been working with Turbo and Cuteness on a Knight lapbook for the past several weeks, as a kind of incentive for them to do their school work without complaining. On Saturday, they were coloring and cutting and pasting happily. Well, at least Turbo was. We’ve all been under the weather this week, and Cuteness was not up to snuff, and opted to retire for the moment.

After he had finished his knight “assignment,” I just basically let him keep cutting, coloring, and pasting. He started cutting house shapes out of scraps, and was very excited about this accomplishment. I told him he ought to glue it down on some construction paper, and draw a picture around them. He thought that was a good idea, so I also showed him how to tear a piece of paper, and glue it down so he’d have a sky and ground. He loved that idea! From there, he put together this masterpiece with oil pastels, a glue stick, and colored pencils.

Here is his description:

There are lots of cars on the street, so the boy is playing in the backyard. NOT on the roof, but he looks like he’s on the roof! That’s silly! And there’s a daddy over here raking leaves, but he’s raking so hard that some of the leaves are stuck in the big cloud! [See the dots in the biggest cloud? Those are leaves.] And the dad has a cannon to keep the bad guys away. [That’s the seemingly random piece of paper way over on the left – there’s a muzzle you can’t see because it’s off the edge of the paper.] Oh! And the mountain is so tall, it’s way up in the clouds! [This is the other seemingly random paper up above the clouds in the corner.] This is a really cool picture, Mom, and I want you to hang it on my wall right NOW!!!

So, I will. As soon as I can get a frame for it. 🙂