The Aquarium & The Beach

One of the last days we spent in Oregon, Granny and Grandad treated us to a visit to the Oregon Coast Aquarium, the one-time residence of Keiko. He, of course, no longer lives there, but plenty of other interesting and crazy creatures do!

We saw the world’s largest crab, the Japanese Spider Crab, big ol’ jellyfish, sharkes, and even little Dory’s! The kids were entranced!

The touch exhibits were incredibly fascinating. All of the kids got their chance to touch sharks, rays, anemones, starfish, and sea urchins. Very cool.

We had a blast! It was worth the 3 1/2 hour drive.

As neat as the aquarium was, the kids unanimously voted the beach as being the “Best Part of the Trip.” Initially, we had decided not to go, because of the cold temperatures and its being near dark. However, Granny could not resist the pull of the magnificent blue and gold sunset. For that matter, neither could I. So, we pulled over, bundled up, and set out.

For the first time all day, we let go of Dain’s hand. With his new found ability to walk, he has begun resisting restraint. Too bad for him. Well, the minute we let go of his hand, and he realized we weren’t going to stop him, he took off laughing gloriously in his freedom!

I, of course, taught the kids how to wait for the waves to get close, then run away. Audrey took it a bit literally, and ran almost all the way back to the trail! What’s nice about the beach is that it’s so much fun to let the kids just go. Of course, if they were anywhere near the water, we were right there with them. We’re not that lenient!

The sunset was absolutely royal. As though Heaven had unfurled its banners to welcome us. Gold, blue and silver dominated the sky, and truly declared the glory of our Creator. The salt tang on the chill wind was more fresh and invigorating than biting, but it was frigid, so we spent only about a half an hour there.

When the kids began turning a particular shade of purple, we headed home.

It was worth the chill, when Granny asked each of them, apart from the others, what their favorite part was. “The Beach!” was their unhesitating cry.

UP NEXT: Audrey’s Birthday Party! Stay tuned!