Weekend Links: Ok, not really. Just an update.

My husband is almost out of the Air Force. And he has a job lined up. He has the official interview on Monday, but the folks in charge of hiring seem to be treating it as a formality. We still have no clue how much he’ll be making, but that doesn’t matter too much, as we serve a God who is faithful even if we are faithless, and I have no doubt that we will be just fine. 🙂

Levi has also made the decision to enter the Air Force Reserves. You know, the 1-weekend-a-month-2-weeks-a-year crowd? We will continue to get great medical benefits, though they will no longer be free, as well as commissary benefits. He decided that those benefits (among others) outweighed his having to keep up on shaving, and the yearly PT tests. *wink*

Also, he sees it as a safety net. If he were to lose his civilian job, the Reserves would probably be able to move him to active reserve status, and he would get paid for full-time service again. That’s always nice to know.

Since we know that he has a job all ready to go, we are taking his last two weeks of terminal leave to drive home to Oregon for a visit! *Insert Happy Dance* We were concerned that Levi wouldn’t have a job lined up at this time, and couldn’t make plans until we knew we wouldn’t need our saved vacation money for bills. I am SO GLAD we started following Dave Ramsey’s baby steps.

It hasn’t been nearly as hard as I feared it would be for my spontaneous husband. I’ve actually had to tone him down a bit, and reassure him that wiggle room in the budget was okay. 🙂 Refreshing, to say the least.

Another reason we have to be doing a happy dance is that the doctor who performed Levi’s final physical noticed that he has been seen repeatedly for some digestive issues. He was always given some pills that would have no effect and sent on his way. Not being a pushy fellow, he never pressed it. Long story short, this doctor has taken it upon himself to do all kinds of testing to see what’s going on in Levi’s bowels. We don’t have any results back yet, as this is all new, but we are just grateful that he will probably be given some idea of what’s going on soon.

We’re not sure if this will be something that will still be covered as we transition from Active Duty to Reserves, but we are encouraged that we will probably at least have some answers.

Also, as a result of these bouts of feeling incredibly sub-par, physically speaking, Levi has decided to…wait. Are you sitting down? You probably should.

No, seriously. This is big news.



Yes, you read that right. At the very least, we are not keeping it in the house anymore.

Pick your jaw up off the floor. It’s very unbecoming, but understandable.

He does have his conditions. I have to keep tea in the fridge. I know it’s not water, but come on – we’re talking about a guy who’s trying to go from drinking upwards of 3 cans of soda a day to no soda at all.

He is my hero! And, for a whole month, he’s stuck to it. That, my friends, is a record of (dare I say it?) epic proportions!

I’m sure he’ll enjoy a soda occasionally at work, and on date nights, but that’s it. We’re done with soda. Do you know how much money that’s going to save us??? I do. I did the math, and amazed him.

$22 a month.

If that isn’t an occasion for a happy dance, I don’t know what is!

Let’s see…what else is there? I know there’s something. Oh yeah!


Excellent book. I have been leery of reading it, what with “teen love” and vampires and it’s being so popular, I have been avoiding it like the plague. Until one of my bestest friends, Sabrina, insisted that I read it, posthaste.


Well, since she and I share very similar taste in books, I finally relented, and borrowed the first two in the series from Holly, a newish friend of mine. I started reading officially yesterday morning. I finished New Moon just a few minutes ago.

It takes a lot to impress me with a love story. (I’m one of the freaks who doesn’t like The Notebook. Long story for another post, which will probably never materialize.)

I don’t want to go on and on here about Twilight, but I was so pleasantly surprised at the tone of the book. It’s not about sex. And so far, it doesn’t equate lust with love – a constant irritant with me in so many love stories, even the so-called “Christian” ones.

Also, it seems to place a high emphasis on this specific group of vampires’ choice to live above their nature – to choose not to prey on humans for food. Over and over, it is emphasized that it’s not what you are, it’s what you do with the hand you’ve been dealt.

Very similar to the tone of another favorite book of mine.

At the same time, Edward (the vampire in love with the human heroine, Bella), has to stand against temptation, and it is clear that he is only able to be around her safely because he has practiced making the right choice for ninety years!

There are some flaws, but they are minor. I was so skeptical…I really fought opening them at all. I am truly enjoying having something new to read that is so uplifting, and a truly beautiful story. Kind of “Romeo-and-Juliet-ish,” really. A little romance, a little melodrama, a little humor, and a refreshing, down-to-earth “real people” feel to it. I officially love it. 🙂 Thank you, Sabrina!

Alrighty then. That’s it. Except for the links…

I won’t bug you with those this weekend. You’ve stuck with me this long. I’ll spare you all the clickage.

Because my hubby loves me so much, and his day off was today, he didn’t protest when I spent the whole day reading the second book. I’m always telling him that he’s lucky I love him, but I really think it’s the other way around. 🙂 So, I have twice as much work to do tomorrow, but it was worth it to have such a day of relaxation.


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  1. I am glad to hear that Levi has a job lined out. 🙂 That is a relief. Will be praying you have a safe trip to Oregon.

  2. Your welcome girl!!! I’m glad you like it! I was biting my nails, waiting to hear something on how you are liking or not liking it :). I miss you!!! I’m so happy that things are working out for you!! I knew they would! Now, if only, we can get our selves to Colorado, we’ll be good!!!!! Poor Levi and the soda! I am glad he is doing good with it!!! Speaking of which you just reminded me to make some tea! I know can you believe it, I haven’t made tea in a month at least!! Shocking, I know! 🙂

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