Engrish and Comedy Makes for a Great Date Night.

Levi and I have never made much of a big deal over Valentine’s Day. We don’t hate it. We don’t love it. Valentine’s Day just is what it is, and though we do use it as an excuse to hire a sitter and have ourselves a date, we don’t usually do gifts, and flowers are seldom involved. Though I’d love to have flowers, the memories we’ve made on our Valentine’s Days have been special enough to more than make up for it.

For Christmas, my parents gave us tickets to go see Brian Regan live. We have never been to a comedy act live before, so we were both looking forward to it. Since it happened to fall on Valentine’s Day, we decided to make a date of it, and go out to dinner. We decided to look for a good Chinese place. Our sophisticated method of search through the yellow pages led us to the Silver Pond, voted “Best Chinese Restaurant” by the local paper ten years in a row.

Couldn’t be half bad right?

It wasn’t half bad! In fact, we were impressed. Levi ordered curry, and I ordered cashew chicken. Both were delicious. In fact, Levi, who loves spicy food, said that his curry was even a little too spicy for him! It was really delicious. We finally found a place that lives up to the high standard set by our favorite Chinese place back home, Kowloon. They didn’t have the pink sauce, though. (You Roseburgians know what I’m talking about.)

Anyway. Not only was the atmosphere really lovely (no tacky, sun-faded paintings here), but there was a grand piano in one corner, there were fancily folded cloth napkins at each place, and the soy sauce on each table was in a porcelain jar. There was no one playing the piano last night, but the background music was classical. No elevator or top 40 junk. This place had some class, and very efficient service. It was not without a little bit of Engrish, however. We had a giggle, and I couldn’t help but snap a picture:


100_6978Once we got our food, which was presented beautifully, we dug right in. The Egg drop soup and appetizers were delicious! The spring rolls were the best I’ve had, I think. I’ve never seen Chinese food “presented.” There’s always a little garnish, but generally speaking, I’m used to just seeing everything piled on a big plate with a giant spoon stuck into it. Nothing wrong with that, of course. I just thought it was nice of them to provide me with a lovely zucchini rose. 🙂

100_6979Either way, we had a lovely meal there, and some good conversation. The waitress was kind enough to take this picture for us, though I ended up cropping out the small pile of dirty dishes. 🙂

Afterwards, we had time to kill before heading to the show’s venue, so we decided to get some ice cream at a Baskin Robbins down the street. We shared a double scoop ice cream cone. We even went crazy, and got a waffle cone dipped in chocolate and covered in almonds! We’re such wild things.

On to the show!

We were there to see Brian Regan, and this guy opened for him. His name is Kermet Apio. No really. That’s his real name. And, he is hilarious! Clean too. Once he got us nice and warmed up, Brian Regan came out and killed us. We’d heard him before, and while we thought he was funny, he wasn’t our favorite. His new material had us in stitches! Especially the stuff about his kids.

Anyway, our Valentine’s Day was wonderful. I really do enjoy just spending alone time with my husband. He’s just as fun to hang out with now as he was when we our friendship began. I am so grateful that I married this guy. We never seem to run out of conversation material. If we did, I’m sure that would be some kind of record for me!

How was your Valentine’s Day?


3 thoughts on “Engrish and Comedy Makes for a Great Date Night.

  1. Cool – sounds like you got your own “engrish” – i.e. “when we are friendship began” LOL! (Peg thinks u did it on purpose)

  2. I am so glad you guys were able to go out for Valentines. Bryan took me out to the Eugene ballet to see “Swan Lake” at the Hult Center. Then we stayed the night in Eugene at one of our favorite places. It is always a blessing being married to a man in love with me!! I really felt spoiled. And thanks to Jesus for Grandparents who will watch kiddos when they are sick.

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