Some days, I think productivity is a myth.

Then, I remember the days when I fall into bed exhausted by all the work I accomplished. On those days, I feel satisfied. The exhaustion which comes from work is a beautiful feeling. Like being sore after a really good workout. When I know that I’ve done something worthwhile, even if it was just keeping a kitchen clean all day, I feel like I actually earned my right to go to bed.

After a day like that, waking in the morning really is refreshing, and I feel ready to tackle anything!

I have learned that the only way I can consistently have days like that is to rely heavily on prayer, quiet time, and my household notebook (a.k.a. my paper brain). When I have something tangible to help me organize my day, prioritize my tasks, and set a few goals, I have a sense of purpose in everything I do. Nothing deep or profound.

Really, it just feel like Someone is holding my hand and guiding me through each step of my day. Even if the unexpected happens, my organized day seems to incorporate it with goodwill, embracing it as if it had been part of the original plan.

I have fallen off the wagon in this.


Time to get back up, dust myself off, and pull my brain cells back into some sort of order.

I really have a lot to do, but genuinely have no idea where to start. And it’s almost noon.

I think my plan will be to fix lunch, enjoy the meal with my short people, tuck the two little ones in for a nap, then sit down and prioritize what’s left of my day. I won’t get everything done, but that’s okay. I just want order back.

Order is my friend. It makes my life so much more peaceful, flexible, and fun. It’s easier to take time to laugh and play with the kids when I know we’ve put in some good, hard work.

I really do love that feeling of having had a “full” day. Not a busy day, or a productive day necessarily. A full day. I don’t think that needs any explanation. Do you?

To all of my girlfriends back in Oregon – It seems like you’re all getting sick this week. Please know that I have prayed for all of you, and I’ll keep on until you’re better. May the Lord bless you – despite the sore throats and snot!