The Mister Gets Down & Boogies.

This little gem of a boy hails from Butterfly Kisses. He belongs to my girlfriend, Erica, and came over to hang out today so she could catch up on some work. May I just say that he (and his sister) were a delight to have today?

Right before his mommy came to pick them up, I turned on some music, and we boogied. The Mister boogie far more energetically than anyone else, and I caught it on tape. (Metaphorically, of course, as I have a digital camera…) Anyway – this little guy looks like he could use some glow sticks, I think. 🙂

The Mister Gets Down and Boogies.

2 thoughts on “The Mister Gets Down & Boogies.

  1. Thank You Tiffany for getting those wonderful Video’s of the kids you took today I so enjoyed them and Pa Pa little Isaiah (he calls him his little buddy) dancing was wonderful. Thank you again you brought joy to 2 old Great Grandparents who so enjoy their Great Grandchildren.


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