A Placeholder Post: Stuff I Made for Christmas

Okay. Lots to post about, obviously. I didn’t realize how much until I finally uploaded my pictures and took a look. Whew, that’s a lot to go through! So, I decided to take it slow and start small.

This year, I handmade most of the gifts for my family. For about $20, I was able to get presents for nine adults and four children back home! Amazing.

For my niece and nephews, I made these crayon rolls and homemade coloring books from various free printable websites. And I forgot to take a picture of them. Sigh. And I so wanted to show them off, too.

For my baby nephew, I made a cute little taggy ball thing. I got the pattern from a friend who’d printed out a tutorial, from what site, I do not know. Still, it was stinkin’ cute, and I also forgot to photographically document it.

For my mom, my SIL, and my sisters, I made cute zippered pouches with the help of this tutorial. They were, apparently, a hit! And I’m so glad! I get so much joy out of really getting the right gift for someone I love! You can see these in the slideshow below.

For my dear FIL and MIL, I made these licorice caramels (which weren’t very licoricey) and a set of red potholders (my MIL is very practical, and LOVES red). Once again, lacking photographic proof. They both turned out just fine, and were appreciated, much to my delight!

I wanted to make pj sets for all my kids, and after successfully completing one shirt, I discovered that the sleeves would be far too short, thus cutting my plans down to just pj pants – which I am now an expert at! I chose some cute monkey flannel for the boys, and bright flowers for my girls. They loved them! Monkey even put hers on OVER her footie jammies! Too cute. I’ll work on the shirts this month, since I have the fabric, and we’ll see how that works out.

My crown jewel, if you will, was the Dollhouse. I got the idea from Grace Violet. Since, however, I have no idea how to work from wood, I used a basic tutorial (for which I can no longer find the link) to create the house from foamboard. The furniture I made by piecing together basic craft wood. I still have two sets of bunks to make for the bedroom, so hopefully that will be done by the end of January.

I had so much fun creating this year, that I’m going to do it again next year! In the meantime, enjoy the pics I remembered to take of a few of my creations.


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  1. wow – you were busy! These look great – and the other stuff sounds nice too. I only handmade a few gifts this year – plan to do more next year so your post gives me a lot of great ideas!

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