“You are a RICH family!”

dain-with-treeThese are the words spoken to me by the lady who bagged our groceries at the commissary tonight.

“To be so young and have so many children – you are a wonderful mother – and so rich!

I don’t think I’ll ever forget what she said to me tonight. She saw myself, my husband, and my kids for all of five minutes tonight, and made a judgement based on something other than what most people seem to base theirs on when they see the size of my family.

I so often hear things which run the gamut between “You sure have your hands full!” (A mild, yet often condescending statement.) to “You are insane!” (not true) and sometimes “You must be a saint!” (also not true). I even hear “You do know how this happens, right?” or even “Are they all yours?”

Sometimes, I get glares, but those are few and far between. Rarely is anything said in a derogatory way, yet I get the distinct feeling from most people that having four children is nothing short of selfish, irresponsible, or crazy.

I am so tired of having to put on a smile and respond good-naturedly, or even just ignore such comments. It’s such a breath of fresh air to see a kind smile (usually from the elderly) and hear something along the lines of “What a blessing to have so many!” Those statements always pick me up.

However, the exclamations I heard tonight absolutely caught me off guard. I was stunned and blessed and overwhelmed with gratitude that God would bring someone like her across my path. Someone who obviously knew that children are a blessing and a reward – regardless of the trials involved. A reward I am far from deserving, but a reward nonetheless.

This lovely woman had a grin on her face that looked as though she’d gotten a glimpse of Heaven itself when she met my children. She joyously said over and over “You are such a rich family!” She conversed with the kids on the walk through the parking lot, and took such delight in their little voices and the things they said.

As a mom, I was beaming. Absolutely beaming, and not with pride. It was sheer joy and surprise. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, and it took me a minute to enthusiastically respond with a “Thank you! Yes, we are very rich, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!”

And it’s so true. I am rich.

There are four human beings in my care. Put here on purpose by a God who knows what He’s doing. Why He ever chose me to be a mother, I’ll never know, but I’m so very glad He did!

I struggle so much with the bad days of being a mom, and I often lose sight of what’s important in motherhood. Today, however, I was vividly reminded of the glory and joy that can light up the good days in the job of being a mom.

Today was just such a day. We spent over four hours in three different stores grocery shopping, and my kids were so well-behaved. They really were. Of course, they needed some reminders, but generally speaking, they were an absolute joy to be around today.

It’s this kind of day, especially capped off as it was, that keeps me going. Loss of sleep, energy drainage, stepping on toys (and worse things), sibling rivalry, and everything else that tries me as a mother are all worth every single minute. I would never trade the life I lead now for anything else. Ever.

Anyway, I tipped our bagger far more generously than I usually do. I wanted to bless her in return, and this was the only way I knew to do it.

Seeing as how I’m so rich and all!

PS: How about you? What joys have you experienced lately in the realm of motherhood?


4 thoughts on ““You are a RICH family!”

  1. WHat a blessing! Since I have three children under the age of three, I get a lot of the same comments and “looks” from people. It’s nice when others appreciate the wonder and joy of our children, even if they were driving us nuts all day!
    I think your kiddies are absolutely adorable and I love reading your stories about them in your blog. πŸ™‚

  2. Last night the neighbor called and asked our 14yr old to babysit and she sad no. I asked her why – I know she’s running really low on money – and she said “Cause I wanted to hang out with you guys.”
    Talk about feeling blessed! This was said after 2 days off because of snow and she still turned down earning money to hang out with Mom and Dad. Thank the Lord for my blessings!

  3. Oh what a sweet lady. I just love folks like that (you’re right, they are usually elderly)!

    One of the joys of motherhood I’ve been experiencing lately is the nightly Advent sessions we have around our candles. We’ve never been too successful with it before, but we’ve been trying to keep it short and sweet and it’s been really good. Small mercies!


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