You’re Invited: Pity Party Tonight!

I’m getting my wisdom teeth yanked tonight. And that stinks, because I can’t eat anything all day. Or drink anything. Ugh. I wanted my appointment in the morning, but the oral surgeon only comes to work late afternoons and evenings.

So, I’ve been working hard to get the house in order reading a favorite novel all morning, ignoring what I should be doing so Levi will have it easy over the next few days as I recover. Yes, I said “days,” plural. She’s given me three to four days to recover, and that’s if I follow her instructions to the T.

To a mom, that’s an eternity. Do you know how much I could get done in those three to four days? A lot. And that’s if I use my planner…which I do. And which I’m currently ignoring in favor of being a bookworm and writing this post.

The surgeon told me that my bottom teeth may present some problems that will make my recovery longer. There’s a cyst-looking thing under one of them that she has a bit of concern about. Plus, since I’m 27, it’s not going to be as easy as it would have been five years ago.

Why didn’t I get them out earlier, you ask? Hm. I’ve been either pregnant or nursing the last five years, and anesthesia doesn’t agree with that too well. That’s why.

So. I wanted to update you all, and perhaps garner some sympathy. You are all invited to my pity party, lasting all day, and probably well into the week. I will serve you Jell-O and Vegetable soup. Because if I can’t eat anything yummy, you can’t either. Out of sympathy for me, obviously.

I am the center of the universe, after all. Ahem. Ok, not really the center, per se, but still… *wink* Oh, who am I kidding? I’m not even the center of my own home! And that’s a-ok with me! Lots less pressure that way.

Things work much better when I keep Jesus there. But, you can still pity me. Just for the fun of it!


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  1. If you’ve got a Trader Joe’s nearby ask your dear Hubby to get you some of their wonderful dark chocolate pudding. Or really any dark chocolate pudding. If you can’t have solid food at least you can still have chocolate!

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