It Smells Like Christmas at My House!

For the first time since the beginning of our marriage, I actually talked Levi into getting our tree this weekend! We’ve waited at least two weeks or so after Thanksgiving to get our tree, but not this time! I am completely thrilled!

We got ourselves a fresh cut Grand Fir. And it smells simply divine! I can’t imagine a Heaven without the smell of fir or pine at least sometimes, can you? Woodsy and fragrant and rich, it’s got to be one of my all-time favorite smells! It really doesn’t feel like Christmas unless that evergreen smell is permeating everything!

At first, Bubbers was scared by the trees, as we walked up and down the aisles at Lowe’s. A tree branch brushed his leg, and he went ballistic! He held onto Daddy for dear life! As we got it put up, he lost a lot of that fear, and kept pointing and saying “Wow!” and “Oooohhh!” We even got him to say “Tee,” his version of “Tree.” Still, when I held him and he pointed, and I’d lean him in so he could touch it, his little arm went straight up into the air to avoid all contact with this big green invader. No matter how quick I was, he was quicker. It was almost too adorable to handle.

He didn’t act scared any more at all. He just won’t touch the thing. He will, however, rip ornaments off and scatter them far and wide over the living room carpet. As quickly as possible!

After Daddy dutifully strung our lights, all four kids helped decorate, even Bubbers. He let me hold his hand and help him hook a few on. As long as he didn’t touch the tree itself, he was a-ok!

Monkey kept singing to herself, mostly her own compositions, of course. Her lyrics tend to run a lot to food. “I looooove pie! Pie is sooooo tasty! It’s my favorite all the time! Da-doo-di-dee-da-da-da” Etcetera and so forth. Very cute.

Turbo & Cuteness spent a lot of time arranging and rearranging everything. Wherever one placed an ornament, the other had to have one next to it. Soon, there were many clumps of ornaments near the bottom of the tree, each one pronounced “beautiful” by my two eldest.

Monkey & Bubbers concurred with that conclusion, although they each thought the clumps belonged elsewhere.

This Friday, I plan to make a popcorn garland, with the help of the kids. Theoretically, anyway. Since I will still be recovering from the yankage of my wisdom teeth, I thought it might be a nice sit-down activity we can all do together. Once we have done that, I’ll post another pic of our tree – complete in all its glory!

For now, enjoy the shots I took of the kids decorating their tree.