The last couple of evenings, when all is quiet, and I’m just on the computer, chillin’, I have heard scratching. I attributed this noise to various appliances, or those weird house noises one can get sometimes.

Sometimes, I even thought I was just hearing things.


It’s a mouse. There are fresh little mouse-sized droppings to prove it. If only they were really this cute…

And I have to wait until payday to go get a trap. Yuck.

The blessing to all of this is that upon inspection, I have discovered that he has only roamed under my kitchen sink, where I keep all the household deadly poisons duly locked up, and underneath my very bottom drawer, where I keep plastic lids and various other non-food items. He has not discoverd the pantry. Neither has he wandered under the stove, or as far as I can tell, the fridge.

He is confined to a small corner. I just hope I can find the hole where he got in from outside…but I doubt I’ll be able to do that.

Any tips on traps? I refuse to do the sticky ones…the poor thing doesn’t deserve to suffer. I just need him to die. Also, I’ve heard that you’re not supposed to vacuum up the droppings…is that true? If so, any tips on getting those cleaned up from a semi-hard-to-reach area, where a vacuum hose would come in awfully handy?


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